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Get Inside Your Prospect's Head With Live Nation Data & Analytics

Live Nation has more first-party data on live entertainment fans than any company on earth, from music to sports, family to theater events. We have a U.S. consumer database of 145+M, an unmatched trove of insights.

Our database was built on the backbone of event purchases on our family of websites. But that's just the beginning. When event purchase input is meshed with attendee surveys, insights from social media, and fan attitude response and behavior intelligence, as well as third-party demographic, psychographic and economic databases, the existing data is exponentially enhanced, completing a holistic, three-dimensional view of our customers. Your customers.

We know who the live event fan is, how they behave, and what they want. What does this mean for your brand?

The Media & Sponsorship team can assume the role of matchmaker, aligning your company seamlessly with the perfect set of artists, assets, and customer segments. The database enables us to overlay your customers with ours to see what commonalities exist. With a strategic partnership, how many of our fans can you potentially reach? What assets - consumer promotions, festivals, artist alignment, etc. - will best connect you with those prospects? What entertainment based insights can you uncover about your own consumers?

The result? No more spray and pray marketing campaigns, guesses, or hunches. You're now able to make educated, targeted offers to your clients and prospects because you understand where they are, what motivates them, and how to reach them.


  • Our fans are influential among and influenced by their social circles
  • To predict fan behavior, you must know their preferences, desires, and needs
  • What are their passion points and where are their pain points?
  • Hundreds of rich data points enable your brand to reach these influential prospects both online and offline
  • Demographics are simply not enough for a complete view of the fan. How did they get to the show? Where do they work? What life stage are they in? What media do they consume?
  • Our fan database contains fan demographics, psychographics, lifestyle metrics, behaviors, and attitudes, and is cross referenced against every major music genre
  • It isn’t about finding needles in haystacks, it’s about thoroughly knowing your customer and building integrated programs that engage them where THEY live and play

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