It’s no secret that brands have long sought out Music—and alignment with individual artists—as a medium to reach their core consumers. Brands have consistently tapped artists to be their spokespeople or the face of individual campaigns.

In recent years, however, artists have been asked by brands to take an expanded role. No longer are they just the face of a singular product or campaign; they’ve actually been asked to come on board with an organization to distill and move culture forward, in turn making a brand more relevant to its target.

In this week’s post, we take a look at a string of recent news events that remind us of the ever growing value musicians are providing to brands.


A$AP Rocky Joins MTV As Creative Director

Last week, it was announced that A$AP Rocky had forged a partnership with MTV Labs to come on board as Creative Director for the brand.

A promo video on Viacom’s corporate blog doesn’t provide specifics on what the partnership will yield exactly, but suggests that Rocky’s influence will help MTV get back to its roots as a creative innovator dedicated to pushing music—and music culture—forward for the future.

Perhaps more importantly than the content that the partnership will actually yield is MTV’s realization that it could use a musical artist—an influential one—for more than just his likeness. MTV isn’t looking to A$AP Rocky just to help the brand become more recognized; it’s relying on A$AP Rocky to help them navigate the creative waters of content production for the future.

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The Weeknd Named Creative Director by PUMA

In another instance of a brand relying more on an artist for their talents than their likeness, PUMA announced last week that The Weeknd had signed on as a Creative Director.

As a part of the partnership, the artist is doing more than just wearing PUMA styles; he’s actually designing sneakers and gear, inspired by his XO label, which will drop in 2017.

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Pharrell’s Agency i am OTHER Unveils Back to School Selection with Yoobi

Earlier this year, Pharrell celebrated the launch of a limited-edition collection he and his creative collective, i am OTHER, built for school supply company Yoobi.

The products were created and designed using i am OTHER’s tenants of individuality, and putting a strong emphasis on celebrating what it means to be one of one.

Outside of the specific detailed partnership with Yoobi, the very existence of i am OTHER and the services that it can provide to brands demonstrates how an artist can have more to offer a brand beyond music and name/likeness. Yoobi came to i am OTHER with a problem to solve, and relied upon the creative collective’s (alongside Pharrell) expertise in crafting an impactful solution.

Read more here.


These recent events only serve to remind us of the true creative value that artists can continue to bring for brands. The brands who succeed best in this tactic, however, will be those that identify the right artists to come on board, the artists who understand culture and embody their brand ethos. Live Nation is adept at identifying these artists, and working with sponsors to build truly strong partnerships.


Written by Ryan Karpusiewicz



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