About The Client

Paco Rabanne’s fragrance for men and women, Black XS, launched in 2005 and this year propelled the brand further with the ‘Be A Legend’ campaign featuring Iggy Pop and Blondie’s Debbie Harry.

The brand extended the ‘Be A Legend’ campaign to Live Nation’s New Look Wireless and Reading Festivals, proving to be the perfect environment to drive awareness and trial of the new fragrance among aspirational, edgy, fearless, and unique young rock fans.

Behind The Project

The Challenge

Aside from the obvious objective of Black XS awareness and trial, Paco Rabanne’s real challenge was to play an authoritative role in music while getting their content activity into short, intense spaces of time - think seconds not minutes, in the most social and exciting spaces for Millennial music enthusiasts.

To truly immerse fans into their brand, Live Nation and Paco Rabanne created a unique on-site experience that not only allowed for product sampling, but delivered sharable moments via a 360° camera experience for fans to capture their flash of euphoria at the point of the ‘drop’ where the music kicks in.

Key Features

  • A 360° camera experience for groups of friends to capture their moment of euphoria at the point of the ‘drop’ where the music kicks in
  • Social sharing stations and photo print outs
  • Distribution of Black XS wristbands spritzed with fragrance
  • Tattoo applications to give the crowd the Black XS rock feel



Fans Completed the 360° Camera Experience


47,000 Fans Visited The Activation (To Receive A Wristband or Fragrance Spritz)


Fragrance Wristbands Distributed

9M | 4.7M

Digital Media Impressions | Emails Sent (28% Over Delivery)

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