About The Client

Pepsi-Cola is one of the world's favorite drinks, enjoyed by millions every day, with zero-sugar and zero-calorie Pepsi MAX. As the official carbonated drinks sponsor of all Live Nation UK festivals, Pepsi Europe wanted to amplify the partnership by creating new content to reinforce the brand’s association with music.

The creation of the ‘Friend Finder’ at New Look Wireless Festival was a #Genius solution.

Behind The Project

The Challenge

Pepsi Max had the idea to use ingenuity to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary by co-creating unique bold content for release on social media across European markets.

Pepsi Max and Live Nation collaborated with AMV BBDO London to create ‘Friend Finder’ - a #Genius idea to find friends at music festivals (where over one third of all people lose someone). The essence of the idea was executed at New Look Wireless Festival and developed into an impactful short film. Additionally, Pepsi Max leveraged intellectual property rights to New Look Wireless to award VIP festival tickets via global promotions across multiple European countries.

Key Features

  • Production of the ‘Friend Finder’ short film – 3 drone-powered ‘Friend Finders’ were dispatched among a crowd of 45,000 attendees at New Look Wireless Festival to illustrate what would happen if Pepsi Max could help solve the problem of losing friends in a massive crowd
  • New Look Wireless international intellectual property rights and VIP ticket giveaway promotions in 11 European countries



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